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This day, that year – one plus one


Could you disagree? Our past makes our present and heck, does’nt spare even the future.

If an year can do a lot to a person, what can one plus one, do?

Some things change, some don’t.
Some want to change, that we won’t.

Some changes are happy, some are not.
Some are planned, some destiny got.

Yes this is ‘that’ day of the year. This date, in this year, in the coming year and in every other year.. This date that year, brought with it, the turning point of my life. Should I say the day on which I took the first step towards catastrophe or towards life.

This day that year, had a pounding, anxious heart and an apprehensive mind.
This day this year, have a pounding but a betrayed heart and a mind of a confused kind.

This day that year, took the first step towards the biggest mistake.
This day this year, took the first step towards the biggest decision I undertake.

This day that year, flew (literally) to a (assumed) beginning.
This day this year, crawled to a (definite) end.

This day that year, marked a presumed happy moment.
This day this year, definitely marked a moment that never really went.

This day that year, the next day brought butterflies and anticipation.
This day this year, wondered what was the commotion.

This day that year, eager for its arrival.
This day this year, I feared and detested my survival.

Not surprisingly, both arrived with a tornado and left quietly but not before devastating it all.

This day that year, first time life relinquished.
This day this year, still work in progress, from getting squished.

This day that year, was pretty, happy, content, and smiling.
This day this year, am ruffled, lacklustred, broken and whining.

This day that year, was cheerful, lively, effervescent, chirpy, beaming of dreams and happiness, hopes and aspirations.
This day this year, sees me fearful, complacent, resigned, weak, timid, lost hopes and only questions.

However, there certainly are few things that thankfully (and ever gratefully) always remain.

This day that year, I detested dishonesty, untruthfulness, self-absorption, manipulation and conniving.
This day this year, I abhor those and to forget and to forgive is unbecoming.

This day that year, had a logical and sane mind with dashes of insanity that led to catastrophe.
This day this year, I live with an upgraded myself where life is a trophy.

This day that year, the material and means were abundant.
This day this year, I continue to be thankful enough for the quantum.

This day that year, was valued by surroundings and I mattered.
This day this year, I continue to be a more valued and certainly not battered.

This day that year, was someone wise who had’nt stumbled big on any of her doings.
This day this year, am wiser who has seen it all (stumbled, fell, fractured and reconstructed) on her biggest misdoing.

This day that year, a Karma and the circle of life believer.
This day this year,  while trying to hold on to that faith but becoming a unbeliever.

And most importantly, and ever grateful I am that…

This day that year, with me were loved ones in new beginnings.
This day this year, all love’s not lost with my loved ones in newer beginnings.

This day that year, marked the end of one me.
This day this year, starts the best version of the newer me.

Out of the many lives lived and to be lived in this short journey called life,
I shall be grateful to end this part of my life that I shall call strife!

And for these I shall remain forever grateful and eternally thankful to the universe.

However, little do we know how rocky is the road that lies ahead. As the plays of the universe are predestined.

This day that year when really dawned ended up being the worst day, in retrospect . Will this day this year (a day so utterly resisted and feared), end up being the best day, when i introspect?

Only the coming years I shall know, as did the two gone by have shown.

And on this day, as I look back year after year, with only few regrets which also happen to be the only few I wish –

I wish this day that year had been another regular day and not been THE day, life would more sorted than it is the way.

How I wish that day would have never occurred, then this day would have never bothered.

How I wish that day would be wiped, filling this day with no gripe.

How I wish if that day had not been what it was, then today would not have been what it is!

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