The desire to pen down my thoughts, scribble vague ideas, question why life is the way it is, why do we live the way we live, and try to find answers in this cryptic world lead channelizes this space. Writing gives an outlet to my thoughts – some of which may not resonate with the rest of the world, but still are my thoughts, my beliefs, my reasons. I believe, that just because a thought may not reverberate with the world, does not make that thought wrong. It only means that one has the strength to speak up against what everyone believes to be the “norm”.

And trust me, standing alone with you beliefs, against the incorrect norms and living the right, requires courage which few may have.

The world, to me, is an encrypted space of confusions. While sometimes this space just serves as my rant diary or a dumping ground for all my grievances when I am tired of being made to feel a victim (of sociopathic people, of circumstances, of deliberately inflicted vices, of this big bad cruel world) or simply a place where I search for peace and detoxification of my physiological and cerebral health – a place where I can really be me.


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