Of a never-ending struggle

Why do my words seem so jumbled, when I actually get to penning them down?
Why does everything seem blur, when I intentionally open my eyes to see them?
Why does every thought in my mind begin to confuse me, when I carefully decide to analyze them?
Why does everything suddenly seem so complicated and scary, when I deliberately aim to bring in changes hoping for the better?
Why do people and situations start to intimidate me, when I courageously gather myself to face them all?

Am I struggling? I have been. And Yes! I am.

Struggling with emotions – in the never ending pursuit of happiness.
Struggling with righteousness – the nails of karma, conscience, right & wrongs hammered into my mind, while being surrounded with unapologetic atrocities.
Struggling with situations – thrust upon with little fault of mine.
Struggling with people – some of whom I mistakenly chose, some I was given no choice for and some who chose not to choose me.
Struggling to cope – lack of morality and being shamelessly discarded.
Struggling with life (thankfully, not to live) – all I wanted was to live non-invasively and happily.
Struggling for survival!

Will I overcome? Time will tell. The struggle is on & goes on!

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