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When I’m gone!




Your tears will flow,
But I won’t know,
Cry for me now!


You’ll utter words of praise,
But I won’t hear,
Praise me now!



You’ll send flowers,
But I won’t see,
Send them now!


You’ll long my voice,
But I won’t speak,
Talk to me now!


You’ll be sorry,
But I won’t feel,
Apologize to me now!


You’ll crave my touch,
But I won’t budge,
Hold me now!


You’ll forget my faults,
But I won’t halt,
Forget them now!


You’ll miss me a lot,
But return will I not.
Miss me now!


You’ll have regrets,
But I won’t fret.
Acknowledge those now!


You’ll wish, you could’ve time for me,
But I won’t be with thee,
Be with me now!

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